Bjuda (Whiteness) - Giola Cassar, Kenneth Sacco, Leanne Ellul

Product information "Bjuda (Whiteness) - Giola Cassar, Kenneth Sacco, Leanne Ellul"

The project BJUDA is an interdisciplinary and synesthetic project that explores this colour and its hues in relation to its absence. It ties in together the different phases of our lives – from childhood to death putting youth in the midst – through bilingual poetry by Leanne Ellul, photography by Angela 'Giola' Cassar and music by Kenneth Sacco.
The book can be experienced book any way the reader pleases, by studying the photographs and merely glancing at the words, or by simply scanning the QR codes and listening to the music.
The poems have been translated to English by Albert Gatt. | @progettbjuda
Size: 21,6 x 15,5 cm
Designer: Zvezdan Reljić
Editor: Clare Azzopardi
Binding: No binding
Printing: 4-colors
Pages: One booklet, a set of 6 postcards , 2 Transparencies , 37 Sheets folded in two and 2 sheets folded in four
Year: 2021
Publisher: Agenzija Zghazagh (Youth Agency)
Printer: Impressions