FANTASÍAS - Cris Bartual & Jorge Alamar

Product information "FANTASÍAS - Cris Bartual & Jorge Alamar"
Let's travel back in time to the early 90s. Jorge is a shy boy who, infected by his mother's tastes, feels a special amazement for horror movies. Cris still has a few years left to be born, but meanwhile her mother compulsively collects countless paranormal-themed magazines.

Let's go to the present. One day Cris invites Jorge to eat at her house and takes the opportunity to show him the treasure in question. At that moment, their eyes meet and without the need to say a word they are aware that they are thinking the same thing: we have to do something!

FANTASÍAS is the effect of an inherited and shared fascination for the unknown. But also an ode to curiosity and an apology for images as archives full of knowledge, even that which comes from the afterlife.
Size: 14,8 x 21 cm
Binding: Stapled
Pages: 44
Place: Valencia, ES
Year: 2022
Publisher: Polvora (Editorial)