Fuel - Laura Bouman

Product information "Fuel - Laura Bouman"

Laura Bouman grew up among vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, they always have been there. Her relatives, friends and herself were driving them or tinkering on them - as if they were technical extensions of their bodies. The oil stains on the carpet, the greasy fingerprints on the door handles and her father’s damaged hand are a constant reminder that people deal with machines and their maintenance on a daily basis.

This comes together in the publication Fuel. In a playful and uncomplicated manner, Laura conducts research into the relationship between the human(body), animal and the vehicle that takes us further. Both physically and mentally. Fuel is an auto-ethnographical pre-research of an ongoing project about the vehicle. In this publication you can find different stories and images that connect to the world of the vehicle.

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Size: 20,1 x 29,5 cm
Edition: 40
Binding: Stapled
Printing: Laser print
Pages: 22
Place: 's-Hertogenbosch, NL
Year: 2021
Publisher: Self-Published