Fahrgemeinschaft - Maxi Pfeil

Product information "Fahrgemeinschaft - Maxi Pfeil"
Having a daily routine can be beneficial, in terms of efficiency however extremely blindfolding at the same time. How do we look at something we have seen hundreds of times before? Do we still engage mentally, or do we at some point become „awake asleep“? Questions I constantly raise towards myself while thinking about creating photographs in the place I live in. 

These images were made on my daily way to and from work, using public transport. They are photographed through one of the tram’s, by advertising covered, windows. What we see are simplified, ordinary sceneries which are out of our control, dictated by the train tracks, the time of day and the circumstances of everyday life in the streets.

What is of interest to me is the contradict of having to close my eyes slightly, or to gain distance to the depicted, in order to see clearly. The same way we are looking out of the window, waiting to arrive at our destination, out of a lack of other things to do. At this moment there is no urge to see something, however we are looking.
Size: 14,8 x 21 cm
Edition: 30
Binding: Stapled
Printing: Laser print
Other Details: Cover in bubble wrap
Pages: 34
Place: Berlin, DE
Publisher: Self-Published