Journal retrouvé - Marie Le Moigne

Product information "Journal retrouvé - Marie Le Moigne"
The publication Journal retrouvé  result from the association of Marie Le Moigne (photographer/video maker/graphic designer) and Esther Le Roy (graphic designer). It is the emanation of a strong will to create an editorial space of exhibition for young artists.

From the intimate to the public, the Journal retrouvé offers an editorial exhibition space for young art scene. It invokes the meeting of word and image and the relationship between them. The Journal retrouvé is a fictional space in which the word vibrates and the image resonates. Thus two temporalities can meet : the narrative and the one imagined. Plastic production echoes the word, and vice versa. 
 When the word is a hint, the image becomes a chant.
Size: 21 x 29,7 cm
Designer: Esther Le Roy and Marie Le Moigne
Binding: No binding
Printing: Inkjet printing
Pages: 2 booklets of 3 pages, 1 booklet of 4 pages
Place: France
Year: 2014
Publisher: Self-Published