Journeys, Roaming deep in lands - Georgios Chatzakis

Product information "Journeys, Roaming deep in lands - Georgios Chatzakis"

Land moves. A slow gradual change, invisible to human sensation. Even so, a landscape morphs under human perception with each visit. Vision, touch and smell are ingrained in our familiarity with nature and bring that connection closer to the mind. Following through the sequential landscapes, Journeys, Roaming deep in lands acts as a guide to a personal walking journey. Georgios Chatzakis aims to bring out the physicality of the land through the process of documenting his walking journeys in the Midlands and the Southwest of England. Viewing hiking as a healing process for mental health, the explorations of the artist are based on the spiritual connections with the landscape. By way of replicating and instigating experience, the accompanying book is itself conceived of as an explorative experience as page turns reveal new vistas, textures and moments akin to the traversing of land on foot. See more. | @georgios_chatzakis

Size: 17,9 x 25,4 cm
Binding: 3 hole stitch binding
Pages: 20
Place: United Kingdom
Year: 2022
Publisher: Self-Published