Material Evidence of what does not Exist - Daan Russcher

Product information "Material Evidence of what does not Exist - Daan Russcher"
‘Material Evidence of what does not Exist’ arose from a working period of several months in Buiksloterham, a former industrial estate in Amsterdam-North. For over a century this area was situated at the edge of the city and accommodated heavy port-related industry. The district is now at a crossroads: the companies must make way for (circular) housing. 

In the project I tried to expose the individual character of this place in that was being characterised by the in-between phase that it was in. By means of my camera, I scanned the material surfaces I encountered, looking for something to hold on to. I used my photography and the materials I found in the area – through deconstruction and reconstruction – to create new images that incite an active way of looking. 
 In the publication my images are accompanied by three short texts written by Raymond Frenken. The texts give context to the origin of the works I made. He describes the phase the area I worked with was in (crossroads), the function and meaning of the edges of the city (edgeland) and the materiality of such a place (concrete). The publication comes with an A1 poster.

Size: 14,8 x 21 cm
Designer: HouseTMM
Edition: 150
Editor: HouseTMM
Binding: Stapled
Printing: Laser print
Other Details: Includes an A1 poster
Pages: 40
Place: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2021
Publisher: HousePublishing
Printer: Zwaan Lenoir