Metropolis/1 - Daria Lou Nakov

Product information "Metropolis/1 - Daria Lou Nakov"
Shortly after arriving in Berlin I was struck by a feeling of pleasant chaos. Convinced that photographs were simply not going to reveal such an intangible emotion. I started exploring and experimenting to find ways in which to transmit this feeling I so strongly felt. 
Through various technics (analog and digital) and along side the installation « Entre Ciel et Pierre  » (partly showcased in Berlin in January 2023) I explore, create, and reinvent neighborhoods of Berlin. Metropolis creates not only a personal and playful vision of the city, but takes the viewer into an imaginary world of images, translating a singular surrealistic perception of the intangible energy of the city. 
For this project I introduced chaos in my image creation, in the computer programs themselves (changing image informations). I created dialogues between the computer and myself trying this paradoxical idea of controlling the chaos to reinvent this feeling I had with the city itself.
This leporello Metropolis/1 is the first chapter, the playful start and the beginning of my explorations.

Edition: 7
Other Details: Leporello, Numbered, Signed, Soft cover
Pages: 21
Place: Berlin, DE
Year: 2023
Publisher: Self-Published