Tied to Light Vol. 1 - Tied to Light Collective

Product information "Tied to Light Vol. 1 - Tied to Light Collective"
Tied to Light Vol. 1 celebrates the work of eighteen artists whose works explore the endless possibilities of the photographic medium through experimental and boundary pushing approaches to making and thinking. All of the artists were selected after responding to Tied to Light’s very first zine open call in February 2021. The resulting publication brings together a vast range of photographic processes, including but certainly not limited to: chemigram, cyanotype, photogram, cliché verre, Polaroid, ‘film soup’, digital manipulation and pinhole photography. 

From working with hand-made cameras to working without a camera at all, the artists rebel against the traditional use of photographic representation and move away from the use of the medium to depict external realities. Instead, they harness its ability to be self-reflexive; to focus on its own materiality and processes of making. For many of the artists, the depiction of the intervention of the hand plays a key role in their work, whereas others explore more the serendipitous possibilities of letting the photographic chemistry and materials speak for themselves. Either way, their shared playful and inquisitive approaches to picture-making present to us a fascinating contemplation on the fluidity of contemporary photography.

Size: 12,5 x 17,5 cm
Edition: 150
Binding: Concertina style design, Unbound
Printing: Lithoprinted
Other Details: Hand-folded
Pages: 32
Place: United Kingdom
Year: 2021
Publisher: Self-Published
Printer: Dayfold