SOLD OUT - Yes, I am palimpsest too - Aurélie Sorriaux

Product information "SOLD OUT - Yes, I am palimpsest too - Aurélie Sorriaux"

Aurélie Sorriaux's book "Yes, I am palimpsest too" questions how we can be the geologists of our ancestry. She creates a bridge between geology and genealogy, studying the visible traces of time left upon the earth's surface and using geology as a metaphor for the past of each individual.

"Yes, I am palimpsest too"
- Trace, Lauret Savoy | @ae_sx

Size: 15,5 x 22,5 cm
Edition: 7
Binding: Stitched
Other Details: Hand-made, Numbered, Signed
Pages: 22
Place: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2019
Publisher: Self-Published