Onde jaz meu céu estrelado (where my starry sky lies) - Juliana Jacyntho

Product information "Onde jaz meu céu estrelado (where my starry sky lies) - Juliana Jacyntho"
Where My Starry Sky Lies is a collection of stories unlike many others. When visual artist Juliana Jacyntho started this project in 2016, the sea in Atafona – a small place belonging to São João da Barra, in Rio de Janeiro – was getting very close to the homes of her childhood. A poetic archeology in which the images lead us to experience the feeling of wanting to see what is no longer there. The photobook invites us to unravel the many layers of times and memories of this place, from the symbolic gesture of diving and crossing between two blocks of pages.
Size: 24 x 20 cm
Edition: 500
Editor: Eder Chiodetto
Binding: Stitched
Other Details: Masterblank 270g/m2 (cover) Pólen Bold 90g/m2 (internal pages) Pólen Soft 80g/m2 (tiles)
Place: São Paulo, BR
Year: 2020
Publisher: Fotô Editorial, SP
Printer: Margraf