Off Your Shoes, (Archive, vol. A) - Paola Boscaini & Cristina Materassi

Product information "Off Your Shoes, (Archive, vol. A) - Paola Boscaini & Cristina Materassi "
Corrispondenze is an artistic and editorial project based on participation by Paola Boscaini and Cristina Materassi.

Through an embedded participatory practice, the project intent to explore the meaning of inhabiting a space in a particular geographical area. It deals with territories, mapping places, and proposes potential methods for crossing and understanding them. Over the years, we have proposed sessions of shared investigation on the theme of living along with an artistic and independent magazine, as a continually evolving archiving platform. The project encourages the exploration of intimate and personal perspectives, serving as a starting point for the examination of pressing issues of our time. 

Corrispondenze collects stories, thoughts, words. Archiving and mapping them to propose possible methods of crossing; composing a personal and collective memory of those who live there. The goal of the project is to create a common space for the imagination and a collective reflection on the theme of dwelling, through an artistic practice that takes shape from places and communities. 

Corrispondenze: Archive is an evolving project of 5 upcoming volumes in 2024. The first publication "Off Your Shoes" showcase the reflection of three artists: Belhassen Handous, Joanna Pianka and Tomash Schoiswohl. 


 «I didn’t lose my shoes. I lost.» 

With these words, Joanna Pianka begins her reflection on her contribution to the 'Off Your Shoes' exhibition, premiered in November 2023 at the philomena+ art space in Vienna. 

Shoes serve as the thematic linchpin interconnecting the diverse perspectives of three artists exploring the Memorandum of Understanding, partnership between Tunisia and the European Union. 

The symbolic act of removing one’s shoes, the prelude for visitors embarking on this exhibition, unfolds as a nuanced gesture. At the same time a sign of respect and a ritual evoking instances where individuals shed their shoes during migrations or before embarking on a journey of hope across the sea. Losing one’s shoes, when crossing the desert or climbing a mountain, involves the risk of losing everything, including the possibility of survival itself. 

What remains of the Memorandum of Understanding, as well as the many migration pacts that have been applied over time, on the bodies and in the memory of people and places?